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We invite you to join us for an experience in the Himalayas of Nepal to integrate the well-being of body and mind through the practice of mindful hiking in silence amidst the wonder that is Mother Earth.

We bring together the monastics of Plum Village, the trek organizers from Rustik Travels and meditation practitioners, both new and experienced, to create a unique cultural and spiritual retreat in nature.

In this way, together we create a mobile monastery, with a meditation practice schedule for each day. The company of our spiritual guides enables the participants to truly enjoy the outdoors while also practicing to look deeply into their own lives in the present moment.

We enjoy every step together, aware of our breathing, with a smile on our face, so that every step brings peace and joy. This is the path of happiness.

The Journeys


The hikes and the treks of the paths of happiness are professionally managed and run by experienced guides from the best outfitters in the business. The days include 5-6 hrs of walking through exquisite cultural and natural landscapes. Participants can expect some of the best hiking in the most sacred spaces while having the essential logistics and needs taken care of

Mindfulness and Meditation


The mindfulness and meditation practice is guided by the monastics from Plum village. Steeped in the teachings of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, the focus of the journey is to engage in mindful walking. Everyday includes dharma talks, mindful walking and meditiation sessions to inspire and inform our intentions.

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