Setting the MObile Monastery in MOTION

Hemant Soreng


Hemant Albert Soreng is a serial entrepreneur, digital evangelist, author, blogger, scuba diver, documentary filmmamker, mountaineer and marathoner. Presently, he runs Rustik Travel, a sustainable experiential travel company that he has founded a few years ago. 

Joydeep Kamdar


Joydeep Kamdar is a technologist, business executive, entrepreneur and an outdoor enthusiast. He has worked at Salesforce, Oracle, Cap Gemini and Hewlett Packard. He Co-founded, Givatude. 

Grandfather Sky


Grandfather Sky (Mike Ludgate), is a fellow sojourner and a grand father to all. He is a Vietnam war veteran and served in the US Marines. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Sociology and has helped kids and families with social and behavioral challenges for the last 40 years. He has explored every religion, philosophy, sport, diet and author he can get his hands on. Currently he is exploring Keto and coffee brewing.