Trip FAQ


Basic Information

Q. Who is organizing this trip

  • This trip is being organized as a partnership between a group of organizations and people who are committed to mindfulness meditation and the outdoors. Rustik Travel is providing the outfitting and guide support for the trip and the monastics from Plum village are providing their monastic support.

Q. I have a lot of questions. What should I do?

  • The more questions you have the better. We have tried to address some of the common ones here to make it easy.  As questions come up we'll post them here. In the meantime please don't hesitate to reach out. This is a trip of a lifetime and we want to help support the process of you making the decision to join. Easiest way to connect is to get to us at
  • You can also reach us with the contact us form on the site.
  • OK you want to hear a voice - Call Joydeep at somewhat normal US hours. He's at +650-804-4666. 

Q. How do I lock my spot?

  • Once you decide to go, you will fill out the Signup Form. But your spot is not locked till you have submitted the Registration Form and made the 50% deposit payment.

Q. I've locked my spot, now what?

  • We are keen to connect everyone who is joining. So as we start to get closer we plan to schedule a couple of calls to do a "What to Expect" discussion. But the 3 most  most important things after registration is to 1) Book your travel and confirm Passport validity and Visa Requirements 2) Prepare to be physically fit and ready to do a hike in Spring 2020!!! 3) Practice mindfulness.


Q. What are the dates for the trip

  • The  trip is scheduled for April-25-2019 to May-08-2019. The trip begins in Katmandu, Nepal. In other words, you need to get to Katmandu to join your group by the 25th. 

Q. What are the ideal flight times to fly in and out.

  • Fly in anytime on the 25th. It is the day for the group to get in and get on the timezone. As per flying out - please try and fly out after 3:00 PM on May-08th. We plan to get to Katmandu airport around 10:00 AM on 8th May.

Signing Up

Q. Who should sign up

  • Anyone in moderately strong shape, looking to explore the amazing Himalayas while learning and practicing meditation should join.

Q. How can I sign up

  • The first step is to fill out the sign-up form to send us your initial info.
  • We will get in touch with you right away and address any open questions you have. This can be via email and/or calls. 
  • Once you are ready to Register there are 3 Additional Steps - a) Fill Out the Registration Form on Rustik Travel Site b) Pay 50% Deposit - This will be a payment transfer to Rustik Travel Bank Account (info below) c) Send a copy of your passport. 
  • Final Payment of remaining 50% will at the end of January.

Q. Where am I transferring money for payment

  • We have not figured out online payment just yet. Yes!!! true :(. But we are working on it.
  • In the meantime the easiest way to pay us is to transfer payment to Rustik Travel bank accounts. We will send you the Account and Routing information. 
  • The high level info is: Account Name: 

                            Rustik Travel Ventures Private Limited

                            Bank Name: HDFC Bank

                            Branch: Ulsoor Road, Bangalore

                             Address: No. 128/1, Vidya Deep College Building, Bangalore - 560042. India

Cost and Pricing

Q. What are the main costs for the trip:

  • $2500 - PathsOfHappiness Fees (Includes stay, transfers, porters, meals, supplement monastics travel and logistics) - This is what you pay PathsOfHappiness / Rustik Travel
  • Approx $1000 - Travel (airfare) costs to and from Katmandu, Nepal. Visa Fees. You are responsible for tickets :). 
  • $400-$800 - Personal Items for hiking. This includes all of the items including backpack, day-pack, sleeping bag, personal care items.

Q. Why is the trip so expensive:

  • OK, we recognize that the trip is definitely a commitment of your resources, both time and money. We are glad that you are considering it and can't wait to meet all those who take the plunge. Do it ;). The costs laid out are primarily to cover the costs of thr trip and do note that we are using the fees to also supplement the journey for the monastics. 
  • Airfare, Trip Fees, Meals and Stay for the Monastics will be covered by the team. Thats the least we can do, right?


Q. What is the ideal level of fitness for the trip

  • One does not have to be a super athlete to complete Annapurna sanctuary trek. Having said that one needs to be moderately fit. Individuals will be walking 5-8 miles a day for 9 days.

Q. What preparation is recommended to get ready for the trip.

  • Its highly recommended that you prepare (physical fittness)  for the hike. Anyway you cut it, a 14 day trip in Nepal with 9 days of hiking is physically demanding. We recommend building up to being able to do a 10K walk back to back for 2-3 days.
  • High altitude hikes or training is not required but if possible do train on doing  a few long hikes (5-7 hours) in hilly terrain. 

Q. Do I need to worry about altitude sickness?

  • We will have a few days to acclimatize once we arrive in Katmandu and travel to Pokhra. The journey is designed so there is a sudden shock to the system. While there should not be issues of altitude sickness, one should understand it and keep in mind the "Ways to avoid altitude sickness". The high altitude does get you tired faster (thinner air, lower Oxygen content etc.) and it can pose discomfort if you are not well hidrated, well rested and focus on slow, relaxed ascent.


Q. What do I need to bring

  • Bring a 20 lbs back pack with your sleeping bag and all the items you will need for the trip. Your luggage will be carried by porters during the day and in-between destination. One just needs to carry their day pack for emergency supplies during the day. 
  • Here is a packing list provided by Rustik Team

Q. What are the Visa requirements for traveling to Nepal